Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #11

1. I found an App called IMovie that I would like to try. Kids can make movies and movie trailers and record themselves. This could be used for research projects and they could make "book commercials." Also, I never really understood the notion of a cloud and now I get it. I love that we can create things, store them in a central place, and share each other's creativity. I am especially excited about using Prezi as a presentation tool to capture my kids' interest. 

2. My thinking has changed a lot. I've always resented that we were expected to use technology, but not taught how to use it or what was out there. Younger teachers grew up with technology and adapt to it quite easily. For those of us with more experience (i.e. older! :)), it's not as easy. I feel much more comfortable using some of these tools in my classroom. Several of my assignments will change this year. I will need to meet with my team and brainstorm our ideas together. 

3. I love my IPAD that was issued to me at the end of the school year. My son helped me figure a few things out, and I have used it a lot! I even found an app that helps me keep organized with appointments and deadlines. It has been great. I used it during my GT training and it was fabulous. There are still a few kinks I'm working out, but time will help. I've taken pictures of bulletin boards, room layouts, and things that I've wanted to do in my classroom. It's so easy to have it beside me when I'm working on classroom projects and not have to keep running back to my computer. My unexpected outcome is that I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. I am usually overwhelmed by anything technological and while I am still confused on a few things, I know I can come back to this site to get help when I need it. It really opened my eyes to so many things out there that I didn't know about! There are so many more apps to explore. Thank you!

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