Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #10

1. Three things:
Law:   Ethical behavior on-line. Kids need to know that downloading music that hasn't been paid for is inappropriate, as well as laws regarding copyright and plagiarism. Students need to understand that there are legal issues involved and it's not just adults being uptight!  
Security: Students have to learn that they cannot share passwords or login IDs. They  also need to understand that they never put their full name on the internet. This would also include information that could identify them, such as their school name, city, or names of favorite,  or local teams.
Manners: Kids need to understand that when they are using social networking, their words have a "tone." They are expected to be kind and polite and that all interactions should be positive and respectful. 

2. I love Brainpop. It has wonderful videos regarding appropriate use of technology and safety. I plan to use this when I introduce these issues.

3. In 5th grade, we learn about US history. I would start with the concept of citizenship in the US and why we obey laws and the purpose of these laws - to keep us safe. I would move from that concept into digital citizenship. There are certain laws that we obey to keep us and others safe in the digital world. I would have the kids brainstorm a list of safety laws or rules and then collaborate the teams to come up with a list of guidelines for us to follow as a classroom. This would also include what to do if they come across inappropriate content, tone when connecting with others, and plagiarism, and copyright laws.

4. I would encourage the parents to have discussions with their children regarding technology. I will send out emails telling them about our lessons and the decisions we have made as a class (from #3 above) and encourage parents to enforce the same type of expectations in their home. Foremost, I would encourage parents to keep electronics out of bedrooms and in a common area where they can be monitored. Kids are even able to communicate on their hand-held games and accountability for communication rules should be there as well. I have had to take up games because of rude messages kids were sending each other on a bus. I think many times, the parents just don't know what their kids are up to!

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