Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool #8

After reading and watching the less overwhelming parts of Tool #8, I learned:
* making videos will be difficult and take some practice, but I think I can do it.
* I will be able to control my devices and won't have to sync very often.
* navigating through iTunes is much easier if you have a tutorial video, but I will need the video as a reference tool until I feel more comfortable with the information.
* I like the ideas, but I am worried that I will be able to do the programs justice and best meet my kids' needs. 

I plan to use most of the district's suggestions about how to manage the devices. I like the idea of numbering and assigning certain pieces of hardware to certain kids. It helps with accountability and trying to find out who did what to which piece of technology. I also plan on having a routine for getting out and putting things away so that there isn't bedlam at the charging station - possibly my morning helper can add this chore to his/her list.  I like the idea of having "experts" to answer each other questions and handle trouble-shooting so that I can continue to work with small groups without interruption.

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